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Reports Suggest Samsung’s New Multi-Device Wireless Charger

By:www.ihnly.com    September  02,2020

Samsung has been into making a new wireless charging device. If a report from Evan Blass’s Patreon page is believed, the wireless charger will be called Wireless Charger Pad Trio. The new wireless charger would be a successor of Duo. The duo can charge a smartphone and smartwatch together. The devices use the Qi standard.
The Patreon page has solid pieces of evidence to back up the new specs claims. There is a render that shows the Pad Trio is similar to AirPower. The device has a sleek design and rectangular shape like its Apple counterpart. It could charge 2-3 phones simultaneously.
The reports also suggest that the charger could also work for a smartwatch.
Difference From AirPower
It is not common for companies to launch similar purpose devices as counterparts. Although Pad Trio has similarity to AirPower in terms of design, the internal working is different.
Unlike AirPower, Pad Trio may not contain coils in the internal workings. There may be type C USB that is faster in comparison to other chargers available in the market.
Launch Date
Samsung is yet to announce the release date of Pad Trio. We can only make guesses at the current moment. But, there is a strong possibility the new charger could launch with Galaxy Z Fold2 in September 2020.
We will update you with any changes as soon as possible. Keep watching this space for information on Pad Trio.
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